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About Mason, New Hampshire

Mason, New Hampshire is located about an hour south of Concord, New Hampshire in Hillsborough County. Mason was first known as "number one," the easternmost in a line of border towns after its border with neighboring Massachusetts was fixed in 1629. The town was granted its own charter in 1749 by colonial governor Benning Wentworth. The town was named after Captain John Mason.

The town is a total of 24 square miles and has just under 1,300 residents to date. Mason is just 3.1 miles away from the Massachusetts border. New Ipswich, Greenville, Wilton, Milford, and Brookline, New Hampshire are surrounding towns. Ashby and Townsend, Massachusetts are neighboring Massachusetts towns.

Mason is most well known for being the home for Samuel Wilson - the original Uncle Sam. Sam was born in Massachusetts and then a couple years later he and his family moved to Mason. Sam and his brother then moved to Troy, New York where he became a meatpacker and supplied barrels of beef to the US Army during the War of 1812. Later on, a German artist created the iconic Uncle Sam drawing, where he gave Sam Wilson a white beard and a red, white, and blue outfit.

Mason celebrated it's 250th birthday in August, 2018!

Sam Wilson's childhood home
A New Hampshire state map
The famous picture of Uncle Sam
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