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About Hilltop Farm

Starting with a Heritage breed of sheep named Horned Dorset’s, which are known for their outstanding food quality, exceptionally desirable wool and one of the best in mothering and birthing of the breeds.

We have started our flock with the most wonderful breeding stock from a prominent farm in Virginia and another equally so in Washington state. 

Our plan is to maintain a flock of 100 sheep and then add Berkshire pigs, Narragansett Turkeys, silver laced Wyandotte’s and a few important beef cattle. 

In July of 2018 we began reclaiming more of the original farm’s acreage for pastureland in order to raise mainly grass fed animals. 

We never want to be a large operation catering to the masses.  Rather we want to raise the best breeds under the most humane advantageous conditions in order to yield only outstanding results for our family and for those who choose the simpler path less traveled for their culinary needs. 

Thank you for joining in and helping us preserve these important breeds for all to enjoy for many years to come.

Farm Proprietor:  Sam Rowse

Sales Director:  Diana Templeton

Farm Manager:  Cheryl Moran & Brian Moran

Hilltop Farm Facts






5 to 10


Dorset Horned Sheep live at Hilltop Farm

Baby sheep were born in 2018

Llamas live on the Farm

Amount adult Ewes weigh

Amount adult Rams weigh

Pounds of wool from each lamb annually

The year Dorset Sheep came to the U.S.

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